Enhanced Manufacturing Intelligence

Feb. 1, 2006
Manufacturing Business Intelligence Solution Version 5.5, the latest release of the vendor’s enterprise manufacturing intelligence solution, includes new KPI alerting and other enhancements to the plant analytics server that are designed to help manufacturers identify, analyze and react to decreasing plant performance more quickly.

The Plant Analytics Server has been expanded to more closely mirror plant operations, more accurately measure plant performance and more quickly alert when plant performance is in jeopardy. Version 5.5 provides for full, high-resolution capture of process variables such as machine speeds, temperatures and pressures. Performance measures, or real-time KPIs, are fully configurable and integrated into the server. When conditions change, a new, complex alerting engine will notify the right person at the right time, says the vendor. Other 5.5 features include improved dashboards that make it easier to visualize location and root cause of decreasing performance; and enhanced reports, with analytical drill-down capabilities designed to make it easy to provide detailed analysis on-the-fly.