Ethernet Expansion Unit

Feb. 1, 2006
The PACSystems RX3i Ethernet Network Interface Unit (ENIU) makes it possible to use the vendor’s PACSystems RX3i controller and Series 90-30 I/O remotely on an Ethernet network.

Once set up by configuration, data exchange is completely automatic. “The RX3i ENIU is a high-speed expansion unit that reduces down time with hot swap of I/O and provides support for the advanced RX3i I/O modules,” says Product Manager Bill Black. “In addition, it provides flexible control with the optional local logic for emergency shut down in the event control is lost. And it reduces additional cost with built-in serial ports for communicating to third-party devices such as Modbus Master.” Key ENIU features include 20Kbyes of optional user local logic memory (Ladder, Structure Text and Function Block Diagram), optional local data storage, and support for a wide range of control modules such as discrete, motion, analog (including Hart), Genius, Profibus and DeviceNet.