Custom-built Vibration Transmitters

Jan. 1, 2006
The Intelligent Transmitter (iT) Series of vibration transmitters has been expanded to allow customers to select from a full line of features at the time of order.

Options for the iT Transmitter signal conditioning modules now include four different outputs of r.m.s., peak, true peak and true peak-to-peak; measurement of acceleration, velocity or displacement; and a selectable full scale that can be specified in standard or metric units. “The iT Series allows maintenance professionals to create a custom vibration monitoring center,” says Tom Smith, director of sales and marketing at the vendor. “Each iT Transmitter is custom-built to user specifications.” The iT vibration transmitter converts vibration sensor signals to proportional 4-20mA output for use in existing PLC/DCS networks, and can operate at much lower or much higher frequencies than typical ISO-standard 4-20mA sensors, the vendor says.