Panel Provides Flexible Control

Dec. 1, 2005
The Mobile Panel combines operating, monitoring and control in a single device that is not limited to a single location. With an integrated controller or with the Windows operating system, the Mobile Panel can be used where machine operation and monitoring require flexibility.

The panel is designed for rough industrial environments. A rounded, double-walled housing absorbs hard impacts. The cable, connector and housing are protected from dust and sprayed water. A special soft-touch coating makes the surface of the Mobile Panel resistant to acids, alcohol and cleaning agents. A three-step enabling switch and an E-stop button are integrated in the device, both of which meet safety category 4. The connection to the switching cabinet is made using a single cable, which includes all supply, communication and control lines. The Mobile Panel is available with a 5.7-in. QVGA LCD color display or with an 8.4-in. VGA TFT color display. Ethernet, CAN bus and RS232 interfaces are integrated for communication.