Dual-arm Robot

Dec. 1, 2005
The dual-arm DA9IC manipulator features coordinated and independent control of up to 11 axes of motion, or 12 axes with an optional linear track.

The two manipulator arms move up and down independently on the vertical lifting axis that has a turning axis on its base. The DA9IC can minimize capital equipment cost by eliminating the need for conveyors and expensive part fixturing, and maximize flexibility by using one arm as a part positioner for the other arm, says the vendor. One dual-arm DA9IC robot takes up less space than two single-arm robots, and a single, integrated NXC100 robot controller coordinates the movement of both arms while automatically preventing collisions. The DA9IC features a 9kg (19.85lb) payload per arm, maximum horizontal reach of 1,512mm (59.5in.) and repeatability of +/-0.1mm (0.004in.).