Customized Mobile Industrial Computers

Dec. 1, 2005
The Custom Mobile Solutions series of built-to-order ruggedized mobile computers is a Windows CE/Intel Xscale-based line designed to be efficiently tailored to each client’s needs in quantities as low as 100 units.

The vendor says its standardized component library permits rapid,

precise customization to address virtually any field data management challenge. For example, Custom Mobile products can be configured to integrate multiple standard or wireless technologies—including Bluetooth, WiFi and others—before sealing to maximize number of ports or eliminate the need for ports altogether; accommodate tablet, handheld, PDA or alternate form factors, vehicle mounts, custom battery management or other options that support specific data management, ergonomic and/or industrial needs; and increase or decrease screen size while maintaining sharp resolution and sunlight readability. Where appropriate, the vendor’s engineers can customize a client solution by adapting the Tablet 8.4 “DuraMax” Base Platform”—a special design that provides a rugged, field-tested starting point. Custom Mobile Solutions are priced from $900 to $2,500 per unit, depending on quantity and specifications.