Wireless Equipment Monitoring

Dec. 1, 2005
GearTrak is a wireless equipment health monitoring system designed to simplify the task of monitoring temperature and other parameters in industrial and process applications.

GearTrak consists of three components: a wireless sensor module that sends measurement data over the 300MHz ISM radio frequency band to a repeater; a repeater that relays the sensor data to the base station using the 900MHz ISM frequency; and software that enables the user to view, trend and alarm the measurements for proactive control. GearTrak can be used independently or integrated with existing monitoring systems. The current lineup of available sensors includes a probe type or surface mount RTD or input capability for a 4-20mA transmitter that will allow any sensor, such as flow, pressure, level or humidity, to be configured into the platform for a customized solution. GearTrak can operate up to 0.5 miles without a repeater booster and up to one mile with a repeater booster.