Combo Modules Reduce Cost

Dec. 1, 2005
The 951EN and 952EN “Combo” Ethernet I/O modules have four analog input channels, two analog output channels and six discrete input/output channels on a single, inch-wide unit.

This mix of I/O can reduce costs by replacing the need to buy three different I/O modules, says the vendor. The modules support Ethernet/IP and Modbus TCP/IP protocols and the vendor’s i2o communication technology. The i2o function allows input channels on one module to send measured signal data directly to output channels on a remote module across any Ethernet media without a PLC, PC or other controller in between. Since the Combo modules have inputs and outputs, they can function as both transmitters and receivers to independently interface signals across a plant or around the globe. No software is required because the set-up uses a standard Internet browser to configure an embedded Web page. The 12-channel I/O modules are priced at $695 each.