PLC Communication Modules

Nov. 1, 2005
The D0-DCM and the F0-CP128 are new communications modules for the DL05/DL06 micro PLC family. The D0-DCM module adds two serial ports to any DL05 or DL06 PLC, using RS-232 or RS422/485 data interfaces at baud rates up to 115.2Kbps.

Port 1 supports Modbus RTU, DirectNet and K-Sequence slave protocols. Port 2 can also operate as a DirectNet or Modbus master. The F0-CP128 Coprocessor module offers three serial communication ports that are configurable using the module’s full BASIC programming capability. The module features a 100MHz clock speed, RS-232 or RS485 data interface options, and baud rates up to 512Kbps. Either module can be installed in the option slot of the DL05 or in any of the four option slots available on the DL06 PLC models. The D0-DCM is priced at $129, while F0-CP128 pricing is $185.