Measure Flow in Difficult Environments

Nov. 1, 2005
The latest models of the Brooks Instrument Quantim Coriolis family of low-flow meters and controllers have a NEMA 4x/IP65 weatherproof package.

They are fully approved for service in Class Division 2/Zone 2 or Class 1 Division 1 Groups C&D/Zone 1 explosion-proof environments. These approvals extend the Brooks Coriolis family to functional applications for which direct mass flow measurement and control are particularly difficult, such as in areas where the product may be exposed to dust, moisture or hazardous environments. Quantim’s density accuracy specification has been improved to +/-0.005 grams/cc, or +/-0.5 percent on water, representing a 10-fold improvement over the previous specification. A modular hardware platform allows Quantim to accurately measure and control liquid and gas flows as low as 1 g/hr and as high as 28,000 g/hr.