Detect Bad RFID Labels

Nov. 1, 2005
The ALX RFID print/apply labeling system encodes and prints unique RFID labels and automatically applies the encoded labels to cartons, cases and pallets.

During the encoding process, the system detects and then rejects miscoded or unreadable RFID labels. Faulty labels are rewound with spent media carrier onto the system’s rewind apparatus. The system then encodes and prints the next label and applies it to the targeted item. The ALX RFID system also features a “jump the bump” capability that guards against costly label damage during printing. With some RFID systems, the print head can make contact with the embedded RFID microchip during printing and cause damage. The ALX RFID jump the bump capability automatically guides the print head over the bump created by the embedded RFID microchip to avoid damage.