Long-life Washdown Motors

Oct. 1, 2005
Available from 1/2 HP through 2HP, Premium-Efficiency SSE Stainless Super-E Washdown duty motors are designed to perform longer than other industrial electric washdown motors.

The motors’ stainless steel housing, conduit box (welded to the motor), conduit box cover, shaft, base, fan cover and slinger make the motors impervious to rust and deterioration caused by frequent high-pressure caustic sanitizing, says the vendor. Encapsulated windings and conduit box lead entry hole use the vendor’s E3 Epoxy Encapsulation process, preventing moisture from reaching the windings. A hydrophobic aspiration system is designed to eliminate condensation moisture in the motor, negating the need for drains used in conventional washdown duty motors. Thus, there is no need to move drains to the lowest point when mounting the motors in different positions. The vendor’s Super-E winding design produces efficiency levels at or above NEMA Premium.