Compact FieldPoint Devices

Sept. 1, 2005
National Instruments has introduced 2 new Compact FieldPoint devices that allow for a reduced number of required modules and a significantly reduced system jitter.

The NI cFP/FP-DIO-550 is a 16-channel digital input/digital output module that measures 8 digital inputs with a range of 11 to 30 VDC and sources 8 outputs from 10 to 30 VDC with 250 mA per channel. The cFP-AI-118 is an 8-channel analog input module that measures 8 analog inputs at 16-bit resolution and offers a 10 kS/s per channel sampling rate with a range of 0 to 1, 5, 10, or 15 V, and +/-1, +/-5, +/-10, +/-15 V. In addition, the module’s architecture offers a dual port memory module, significantly reducing system jitter. Both devices are suitable for industrial control applications requiring multiple types of inputs and outputs in 1 bank, or where high-voltage channel-to-channel isolation is essential

due to ground loops and similar conditions that could damage control equipment.