Mid-Range Safety Controllers

Sept. 1, 2005
As part of the new UE 100 Series Safety Controllers, the UE 440 and UE 470 offer users a mid-range safety controller with more advanced functions and flexibility than a safety relay, but without the complexity and cost of using a safety PLC.

The UE 440 is a configurable safety controller for comprehensive implementation of safety applications, such as safeguarding multiple robot cells at the same time. The UE 470 is specifically designed for the safety requirements of press brake applications. The controllers offer 15 single- channel inputs, including seven that can be configured as two-channel inputs. Eight outputs, of which two are safety output pairs, allow individual control of downstream plant components. The UE 440/470 are rated Category 4, according to EN 954-1, and SIL 3, according to IEC 61508. The emergency stop function is rated stop Category 0 or 1, in accordance with EN 418.