Brushless Speed Control

Sept. 1, 2005
The high performance AXU Series brushless speed control systems can maintain a constant torque value over the entire speed range of 100rpm to 2000rpm.

These compact packages are composed of a BLDC motor and a speed control unit that provides energy efficient speed control in 10W, 25W, 40W and 90W output power levels. Available in single-phase 100-115VAC, single-phase 200-230VAC and three-phase 200-230VAC power inputs, an external DC power supply is not required. The AXU Series features speed regulation of +/-1 percent maximum with voltage, +/-1 percent maximum with temperature, and –2 percent maximum with load. The small BLDC motor is less than half the size of an equivalent powered AC induction motor. The control unit provides rotation direction, run/stop, dynamic braking, set speed and acceleration/deceleration functions.