Optimize PID Tuning

Sept. 1, 2005
While many methods exist for calculating PID tuning parameters, most only work well with a certain range. Topas is designed to eliminate this problem; it uses more than 20 methods, evaluates them specifically for the given situation, and selects the best results.

In addition to the vendor’s proprietary method, highly recognized formulas including Astron, Cohen-Coon, Chien-Hrones-Reswick, IMC and ITAE have been included, some adapted. Tuning is calculated specifically for setpoint changes or load upsets, and users can opt for best performance, smoothest control action or minimum consumption of the resource. For the three best results, the loop behavior is presented graphically. Further testing and quick refining such as the effect of noise, sticking valves, process non-linearity or changes in the dynamics can be carried out with the integrated simulation environment.