Pluggable Wiring Connectors

Sept. 1, 2005
Key design features of the 753 Series pluggable wiring connectors include an integrated orange pull-tab release for simple and quick tool-less operation; mini-WSB marker tags on the connector and I/O module for easy identification; built-in test points for convenient troubleshooting; matched plug-and-socket coding systems that ensures coded connectors can only fit in the corresponding coded I/O module base; and an integrated strain relief for securing wiring directly to the connector.

With their compact size, at 12mm wide, 65mm high and 100mm long, the 753 Series is compatible with all of the vendor’s 750 Series I/O modules. Like others in the series, they use the vendor’s reliable Cage Clamp spring pressure connection technology for fast, easy, corrosion resistant, vibration proof, temperature cycle resistant and maintenance-free wiring.