Portable Rotating Equipment Monitoring

Sept. 1, 2005
The Allen-Bradley Entek Enpac 2500 portable condition monitoring data collector and analyzer is designed to provide cost-effective condition monitoring and analysis of rotating equipment, which can help manufacturers identify and correct problems before they impact production and safety.

Based on the Windows CE operating platform, the Enpac 2500 combines lightweight, easy-to-use features with scalable functionality. Features include an intuitive icon-driven menu system and an easy-to-read VGA color display. Advanced functions such as two-plane balance and two-channel functionality make it suitable for experienced analysts as well as beginners. The Enpac 2500 is supported by the vendor’s Emonitor Enterprise software for condition monitoring. It uses Spike Energy and ESP technology for early bearing wear detection. It also includes a patented internal laser tachometer that allows users to take speed and phase measurements without additional equipment.