RFID in the Fast Lane

Sept. 1, 2005
The HS500E is billed as the first integrated RFID antenna/reader that offers single-point, high-speed access to industrial and commercial broadband networks.

The HS500E enables users to read or write up to 32Kbytes of data onto their RFID tags in seconds. The HS500E supports three high-speed protocols: Ethernet TCP/IP, Ethernet IP and Modbus TCP, and works with the vendor’s HS series of 32Kbyte active tags. Read/write range is up to 4.4 inches. At a compact, 4.72-by-2.58-inch size, the HS500E can fit into tight spaces. The HS series of products are designed for closed-loop applications requiring a tag capable of carry large amounts of data such as routing or other processing information that can be updated as a part moves through the line.