Convert PID Tuning Parameters

Sept. 1, 2005
The PID Tuning Translator converts PID tuning from one industrial PID controller to another. It converts PID values from any of more than 490 different industrial PID controllers to the new system.

For example, when migrating from a PLC to a DCS, the PID tuning parameters are converted directly to the proper units and time bases for the algorithm choice. This maintains the established dynamic performance of the control loop. “On a typical DCS conversion project, loop re-tuning can take days, or even weeks. With PID Tuning Translator, all loops retain their basis of performance, and are converted in just hours,” says John Gerry, president at the vendor. In addition to the 490 PID algorithms included in the product, users can customize their own combinations. Many manufacturers have several different PID algorithms available, and the software also converts between different algorithm types within a single manufacturer’s controller.