"Bolt-on" Production Monitor

Aug. 1, 2005
Conceived as a “Swiss army knife” for plant floor productivity, the XL800 Production Monitor is a “six-in-one” product that combines a large-area visual display, a high-performance production monitor, expandable I/O, a multi-channel communication hub, a program executioner and a data warehouse—all in one package.

Designed as a “bolt-on” solution for delivering real-time information to inform, alert and motivate employees, the XL800 can be up and running in minutes, says the vendor. The visual display incorporates ultra-bright LED technology and anti-glare lensing that can be read at distances of 100 feet and beyond. The XL800 production monitor contains eight performance management modules: Count, Rate, Cycle Time, Production Time, Visual OEE, Target, Goal and Process Time. Just two sensors can generate 100+ process variables and provide accurate run/down detection. The I/O block provides sensor and auxiliary connections with six high-speed inputs and an on-board sensor power supply, plus additional expandability. The XL800 is available in four display configurations at 26-, 38-, 50- and 74-inches wide. Pricing starts at $2,990.