Handle Differing Analog Inputs

Aug. 1, 2005
The ADAM-4019+ is an 8-channel universal analog input module with the ability to configure each channel individually. Independent channel configuration allows up to eight types of signals to be processed by the ADAM-4019+, compared to older technology that requires a separate module for each type of signal.

The ADAM-4019+ 16-bit, 8-differential channel analog input module uses a 10MHz sampling rate. Its 4-20mA input range satisfies most requirements in industrial applications. Other frequently used input ranges include +/-10V, mV and thermocouple, which are integrated into the ADAM4019+. The module has 3000VDC isolation, a watchdog timer and a sensor burnout detection function. It can be programmed in ASCII or ModBus, and carries a list price of $350.