Monitor Vibration Data

Aug. 1, 2005
As a stand-alone digital communication unit for vibration transmitters, the iT Communication Module is designed to let users monitor machine health directly from a workstation without investment in a costly monitoring system.

The iT Communication Module sends digital vibration data directly to a computer via an RS232 serial port. The unit works with the vendor’s free VibeLink software, providing the ability to trend data over time. The DIN-rail mounted module plugs into a TBUS connector and receives vibration data from the vendor’s iT Transmitter signal conditioner. The digital vibration data is then transmitted by the iT Communication Module to a PC or laptop for trending and display. Up to eight iT Communication Modules can be “daisy chain” linked to one serial port on the computer. The eight modules can monitor individual iT Transmitters, each reporting the vibration data of a single sensor.