Sense Color Intensity

July 1, 2005
The ColorMax-1000 is billed as the first color sensor that outputs color intensity. This means that operators and PLCs can know not just which color, but how much color, enabling automation processes to be finely tuned and to tighten control over color in manufactured goods, says the vendor.

The ColorMax-1000 uses a high-intensity white LED that projects modulated light on a target. The sensor analyzes the reflected light for its constituent RGB values and intensities. While traditional color sensors output only a “match/no match,” the ColorMax-1000 also outputs analog values for each RGB reading. The vendor claims several other “industry firsts” for the ColorMax-1000. These include sample speed that is two to five times faster than competing sensors, an M30 threaded enclosure that simplifies adjustment and installation, and storage of 15 colors in memory for matching—nearly twice as many colors as competing sensors. List price for one ColorMax-1000 sensor is $595, with quantity discounts available.