PC-based Robot HMI

The MotoHMI operator station provides a PC-based human-machine interface (HMI) for robot systems and PLCs. An intuitive touch-screen operator interface allows the user to control the robot system, view production data, correct machine malfunctions, view manuals and prints, and view and debug the PLC ladder programming.

Aw 5592 0507 Np04

MotoHMI includes standard HMI screens that can be customized for specific applications. Optional RSView software allows users to modify MotoHMI interfaces or design their own. The MotoHMI package includes an industrial PC with a Pentium III 850-MHz processor, a 20GB hard drive, a 15-inch flat panel monitor with high resolution touch screen, a DuraPoint mouse, an uninterruptible power supply, two expansion slots and a variety of cable options. The operator station features Cycle Start and E-Stop buttons and can be pedestal- or fence-mounted.

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