Modular LED Light Tower

July 1, 2005
The LT7 Light Tower features enhanced LED technology combined with a five-color, modular style assembly for ease of use. Changes and modifications can be easily made even after the LT7 is installed on a machine.

The LT7 comes in 24VDC or 90-250VAC steady and flashing models. An integrated, audible alarm in the flashing type is also available. The volume of the alarm can be adjusted to reach up to 90dB at 1 meter. The LT7 provides intense illumination of lens colors by using a unique, prism design to enhance LED brightness, says the vendor. “Push-fit” color-coded wiring terminals make the wiring simple, with no need for tools. The LT7 uses lead-free components and complies with EU directive 2002/95/EC, which restricts use of hazardous substances. The LT7 also carries an IP65 enclosure rating and is CE marked, as well as UL and c-UL listed.