Access ARCNET From Ethernet

July 1, 2005
The AI-SRVR provides the ability to access an ARCNET network from an Ethernet network. The AI-SRVR functions as an ARCNET server by executing communication requests from an Ethernet client.

This device will receive ARCNET packets and send the data to Ethernet clients or reverse the process. Because the AI-SRVR uses TCP/IP in the Ethernet communications, it could allow technologies such as WiFi, IEEE 802.11, or the Internet to be used when accessing ARCNET networks. Configuration of the AI-SRVR is done through an EIA-232 serial port. The Ethernet IP address and ARCNET node address are set in this fashion. Once configured, a resident Web server can be accessed to determine the operational status of the AI-SRVR. The AI-SRVR is priced at $995.