Battery-operated Flowmeter

July 1, 2005
The Sitrans MAG 8000 W is a battery-operated flowmeter for water industry applications including flow measurement for distribution and zone metering, abstraction, revenue metering and leak detection.

With a typical battery life of six years, the MAG 8000 W is well-suited when connecting to a power supply is difficult or expensive. The meter’s NEMA 6P rating makes it suitable for difficult environmental conditions, including underground installations or flood areas. Containing no moving parts to break or wear out, the MAG 8000W measures flow in both directions with a precision of 0.5 percent. It can be integrated into consumption recording systems with an integral infrared interface and two pulse outputs, either locally wired or wireless via GSM in Internet applications. The MAG 8000 W is approved for custody transfer in according with European water meter standard CEN EN 14154, as well as the international standard OIML R 49.