4-megapixel Machine Vision

June 1, 2005
Two models make up the CSB4000 series of machine vision cameras: the CSB4000CL, a monochrome video camera with Camera Link interface; and the CSB4000F, a monochrome video camera with IEEE1394 Firewire output.

Both CSB4000 models are built around a 4-megapixel CMOS sensor (2008H-by-2047V) with a 12.048mm-by-12.282mm image area and 6-by-6 micron pixels. Standard frame rate of 7.4 frames/second is significantly increased with the selection of up to 16 arbitrary rectangular windows of interest, optimizing performance by defining a region of interest of any size within the field of view. This functionality maximizes the frame rate while minimizing the bulk of data that is transferred across the bus. In addition to random trigger shutter, CSB4000 cameras feature a global (synchronous) electronic shutter control that exposes all pixels simultaneously for frame-on-demand acquisition.