Automated Optical Character Recognition

June 1, 2005
ProofRead is an optical character recognition system designed to ensure that information is correctly printed onto pharmaceutical, food, beverage and personal care product labels and packages.

ProofRead includes OCVMax, which enables characters to be verified even when they are printed on curved or flexible surfaces or distorted during the printing or packaging process. ProofRead’s graphical interface guides users in configuring vision tasks, cameras and I/O, while the touch screen interface enables line operators to view images, review results and statistics, and perform product changeover. In addition to character recognition, ProofRead comes equipped to read 2D matrix codes, RSS and 1D bar codes. A single ProofRead system can use up to four cameras. ProofRead is available in three configurations: a board-level version for OEMs and system integrators; a ProofRead system including a PC; and a fully packaged system complete with PC and stainless steel enclosure.