Enhanced Robotic Palletizing

June 1, 2005
PalletTech version 3.3 is the latest release of the vendor’s palletizing software designed to address flexibility and ease-of-use issues in complicated robotic palletizing applications.

The software is a suite of application development and run time tools to reduce engineering and development time and enable out-of-the-box implementation of complicated robotic palletizing applications. The PalletEdit tool is a PC-based offline engineering and programming tool that allows development of complete palletizing applications in a GUI environment, including optimized pallet patterns and robot motion profiles. The tool features a point-and-click interface. New features in version 3.3 include a multi pick-independent drop functionality, programmable gripper interference zones at the pallet and conveyor, support for up to 30 infeed conveyors and 30 pallets and support for linear slides. PalletRunTime is a robot-based application package that executes routines developed in PalletEdit.