Improve Batch Profits

May 1, 2005
A new release of PlantTriage is designed to assess the performance of batch processes. It pinpoints areas where improvements can increase yields and throughput, and decrease turnaround times.

Once the areas are identified, specific analysis recommendations are made to improve the control of the batch process. PlantTriage prioritizes areas for improvement, so personnel are focused on the most profitable areas. It also directs engineers to product codes where the greatest profit improvements can be made. A new equation builder allows assessments of batches to be synchronized to periods within a batch when the control loops are operating. This eliminates erroneous assessments of data during batch filling, emptying, heat-up or other irrelevant times. PlantTriage automatically performs 46 assessments on every controller on each batch process. Assessment and diagnosis include detecting oscillations, non-intrusive field instrument diagnosis, controller performance, interaction detection, process modeling and control system availability. It connects to automation control systems via industry standard OPC or OPC HDA.