Enhanced Process Safety Simulation

May 1, 2005
Version 5.0 of the Visual Flow simulation program features enhanced SIM4ME thermodynamics, improved reporting capabilities and more efficient data entry workflows.

Used in industries including oil and gas production, gas processing, refining, petrochemicals, chemicals and engineering and construction, Visual Flow is designed to provide process and safety engineers with rigorous steady-state simulation for designing, documenting and modeling plant fluid-flow systems. The seamless integration of SIM4ME thermodynamics provides users with access to extensive component databanks and more than 35 thermodynamic modeling methods, including equations of state and generalized correlations. A translator allows users to automatically upgrade existing simulation models to the new SIM4ME-based thermodynamics. Simplified pull-down menus and point-and-click options in the new version require a minimum amount of information from users to develop and execute simulation models, says the vendor.