High-Current Relay Output Module

April 1, 2005
The ADAM-6066 is a high current relay output module designed to meet the requirements of power switching applications. The ADAM-6066’s six relay output channels are rated at 5A at 240VDC, and support both standard switching and pulse width outputs.

In addition, the ADAM-6066 has an embedded Web server for remote monitoring, supports Modbus/TCP and UDP protocols to meet standard communication requirements, and offers personalized settings for improved flexibility. The biggest advantage of the ADAM-6066, says the vendor, is its power relay rating at 240VAC and 5A, a range that can satisfy most requirements for driving externally controlled devices such as lights, fans, alarm systems and various electronic devices in industrial automation, security, building and home automation applications. The ADAM-6066 has a list price of $210.