High-Density Output Modules

April 1, 2005
Designed for use with the vendor’s SNAP Ethernet I/O systems, the SNAP-ODC-32-SNK and SNAP-ODC-32-SRC 32-channel digital output modules offer new levels of density for applications with high digital output point counts, or that require more than 64 digital points in single location or I/O rack.

The modules also reduce the per-point cost of digital I/O systems by providing up to eight times the number of I/O channels in the same amount of space. The SNAP-ODC-32-SNK and SNAP-ODC-32-SRC provide up to 32 channels of load sinking output or load sourcing output, respectively, isolated in banks of eight. Up to 16 modules can populate a single rack, for a maximum of 512 channels of digital output per I/O rack. The modules can be used to switch 12-24VDC loads and are well suited for applications involving on/off control of equipment sometimes found in larger quantities, such as lighting or irrigation controls. The high-density modules are also well suited for controlling the many solenoids and conveyors used in manufacturing settings.