USB Port ARCNET Access

April 1, 2005
The AI-USB is an ARCNET hub that is designed to provide easy access to an ARCNET network via a USB port on a PC. “It’s described as a three-port hub—two external ARCNET ports and one internal,” says George Karones, engineering manager for the vendor.

wretwertwet“The internal hub port has an embedded connection to a USB ARCNET adapter (network interface module) resident to the AI-USB. The USB connection is brought out so that a laptop or desktop computer can gain plug-and-play access to an ARCNET network.” The device conforms to the high-speed USB2.0 standard and will also operate with the earlier lower-speed USB1.1 standard. AI-USB models are available for coaxial bus, twisted-pair bus and both AC and DC-coupled EIA-485. Pricing begins at $495.