Remote Monitoring and Control

April 1, 2005
The TBOX-MS is a modular, remote automation solution that integrates the flexibility of telemetry, the capabilities of PLC automation and the power of the Internet.

TBOX-MS telemetry enables remote event monitoring, alarm management, multi-communications and interfacing with all types of local equipment. The TwinSoft configuration software is user friendly and contains all tools needed to create the telemetry functions, says the vendor. TBOX-MS functions as a PLC with computing power that enables simple or sophisticated remote process automation. TBOX-MS supports programming by ladder diagram, high-level Basic language or C. TBOX-MS has TCP/IP Internet compatibility on three levels: embedded Web server, alarms and/or statistical reports by e-mail, and file transfer by FTP. Internet communication can be managed directly without a separate communication front end. TBOX-MS is a modular product based on a back plane rack architecture, and is available in different sizes.