Portal Views

March 1, 2005
Updates to RtPortal, the visual front-end to the vendor’s Real-time Performance Management Platform, are designed to extend the existing portal environments from Microsoft and SAP.

Prepackaged SharePoint Web parts, called RtWebParts and certified iViews, called RtPortal iViews, enable users to build personalized pages in either Microsoft SharePoint or SAP Enterprise Portal environments, respectively. This allows enterprises to easily monitor and manage real-time operations data and ERP software transactions in either environment, so that corporate initiatives such as condition-based maintenance, quality analysis, real-time production costing and event management can be realized more quickly. While both SharePoint Portal Server and SAP Enterprise Portal tie users, teams and knowledge-management resources across business processes, they approach these tasks differently: Microsoft is file-oriented, while SAP is database driven. RtWebParts and RtPortal iViews are tailored to the nuances of each of the two approaches to provide a similar user experience.