Micro-stepping Motors

March 1, 2005
Their compact size make DSM Series micro-stepping motors well-suited wherever space saving or simplicity of installation is important—such as in instrumentation, test, medical devices and machinery adjustment applications.

Equipped with onboard drive electronics, the motors are offered in three NEMA frame sizes of 17, 23 and 34. Each frame size can also be selected with one, two or three winding stacks. This provides developers with a choice of holding torque ratings of 32, 60, 74.9, 90, 144, 239, 381, 575 or 1,061 ounce-inches. The DSM motor-drives are supported with the vendor’s NextMove range of motion controllers. These offer developers the option of PCB modules for system integration in Eurocard or PCIbus form factors, or ready-to-use packaged controllers. All of these options provide multi-axis control facilities using the Mint motion language.