Wireless Profibus

March 1, 2005
The 905U-G-PR Wireless Profibus provides wireless extension of Profibus DP LANs, including secure firewall isolation and security data encryption.

The Wireless Profibus extenders are available in both Profibus Master and Slave functionality, and will connect to a Profibus DP LAN at full bus speed of 12 Mb/s. Featuring an internal 900MHz license-free radio, the Wireless Profibus units can transmit more than 20 miles line-of-sight or up to one mile in a congested plant or factory environment, says the vendor. The 905U-G-PR can be used to extend a central Profibus LAN to multiple remote Profibus devices; link separate Profibus LANs; form multiple Profibus slave devices into a wireless LAN without the need for a Profibus master; and provide firewall and encryption security for Profibus extensions. Because the 905U-G-PR units form part of the vendor’s Wireless Information Backbone, the Wireless Profibus units can also communicate directly to other data buses.