Multi-featured VFD Drives

Feb. 1, 2005
Features of the SECO-branded Bronco VFD Series Variable Frequency AC Drives include an isolated front end for highly reliable operation and a voltage doubler circuit that can output 230VAC to a motor from a 115VAC power supply.

These dual-voltage inverters can also accept a speed reference signal without a separate isolation card, and are available for up to 1.5HP operation. A jumper allows users to set the Bronco VFD for automatic or manual restart following a low voltage fault or power loss. Adjustable DC injection braking and coast-to-stop functions can also be selected via jumper, while brake-time and current can be customized with an adjustable trimmer pot. The Bronco VFD drives are available in three styles to meet various application requirements: chassis, NEMA 4 cast aluminum and NEMA 4x USDA rated white epoxy coated aluminum with stainless steel hardware.