Software Simplifies Packaging Programming

Jan. 1, 2005
EPAS-4 Version 16, the latest version of the vendor’s PacDrive Automation Software toolkit for the packaging automation industry, contains a new, fully documented software template.

EPAS-4 Version 16 makes it easier to assemble programs like building blocks, using the best aspects of all IEC 61131-3 languages, including ladder logic. The drag-and-drop template also makes it easier to take advantage of the IEC languages that are easier to program and visualize, especially for servo machines. New EPAS-4 features also include integrated displays of alarm tables and variables to visualize trends, expanded Trace displays that help analyze machine performance, easier field bus configuration and simplified translation of helpful “comments” text into local languages. Together with an extensive library of pre-tested software objects, EPAS-4 can reduce the need for programming from scratch by up to 80 percent, says the vendor. EPAS-4 is available for a flat license regardless of the number of user seats.