Monitor Cylinder Positions

Jan. 1, 2005
The R10 (rod style) version of the EZ-track line of programmable, non-contact linear displacement transducers (LDTs) carries an environmental rating of IP 67 and features a continuous pressure rating of 5,000 psi and a shock rating of 2,000 G.

Designed to monitor the position of hydraulic cylinders, the R10 is well-suited for heavy duty applications such as those found in lumber mills, steel mills and stamping plants. It uses magnetostrictive technology to monitor the position of a magnet along the active stroke of the rod without causing any wear on the sensor parts. The EZ-track R10 sensors are 13.5 to 30VDC units, with a variety of analog outputs including voltage, current and differential, which can be programmed over the active stroke length of the sensor. Using the 16-bit resolution (0.001-inch), the R10 LDT can achieve repeatability to 0.001 percent of full stroke.