PC-Based Controllers

Jan. 1, 2005
Five new products are available in the vendor’s ADAM-5510KW and ADAM-5510 series of PC-based SoftLogic and programmable controllers.

The most powerful new controller is the ADAM-5510EKW/TP, an 8-slot controller that integrates Modbus/TCP server/client functions. The ADAM-5510EKW is an 8-slot controller with Modbus/RTU master and slave functions. Both are members of the SoftLogic controller series that are all equipped with KW’s software runtime engine ProConOS and the Multiprog programming utility for programming of IEC 61131-3 SoftLogic languages. The ADAM-5510/TCP and ADAM-5510E/TCP are 4-slot and 8-slot PC-based programmable controllers respectively, which support HTTP server, FTP server and e-mail alarm functions that can be used to monitor a system via the Internet, acquire data through an FTP connection and send alarms to designated e-mail addresses if a critical shutdown occurs. The ADAM-5510E provides eight I/O slots and offers Modbus/RTU master and slave functions.