Enhanced Robot Vision Library

Jan. 1, 2005
HexSight 3.3 is an improved version of the vendor’s PC-based machine vision library used in robot guidance and inspection applications.

With HexSight 3.3, the library is now available as ActiveX controls (with support for .Net development environment) as well as DLL or static C++ libraries for tighter integration into vision applications. With 3.3, the Locator object location tool features improved performance and ease of use; it has been made model based for accurate location of sub-features and varying scale and rotation. HexSight includes a complete set of model-based vision tools, including Edge Locator, Caliper, Blob Analyzer and geometric Finder tools. The HexSight 3.3 release also includes new application examples, making it easier to rapidly prototype applications and integrate HexSight in more complex OEM vision applications.