Linear Motion With a Twist

Jan. 1, 2005
The EZ Limo series of linear motion products is designed to combine advanced step motor functionality with sophisticated motion control features.

EZ Limo uses a stepping motor with built-in feedback system. When a misstep is about to occur, the motor performs closed-loop control, thereby ensuring stable operation, says the vendor. The EZC, EZHC and EZHP series of motorized cylinders provide pushing and pulling motion using a rod driven by a ball screw. The motorized cylinders have a speed range of 0.01-600mm/s with maximum thrust of 45-400N. The EZHC and EZHP offer 0.01mm resolution, strokes of 50-300mm with repetitive positioning accuracy of +/-0.02mm. An optional teaching pendant provides real-time monitoring with information such as set operating data, current position and I/O status.