Monitor Assembly Processes

Jan. 1, 2005
The efector dualis is an inspection sensor designed for a variety of error-proofing applications to provide 100 percent inspection testing during assembly automation.

Through contour evaluation, the sensor monitors applications such as missing part, good part/bad part, correct orientation and right part/wrong part to detect defects. The compact sensor is used with an infrared light source to provide pass/fail indication. The light source illuminates the component and the sensor evaluates its silhouette. The detected contour is then compared with the correct preset contour. The sensor includes a miniature CMOS element as its image processor, a digital signal processor and integrated electronics in a 42mm-by-42mm die cast housing. The sensor can be used with various light sources that measure 9.2mm thick. List price for the efector dualis sensor is $875. IR light sources range from $225 to $275.