Parallel Power

Dec. 1, 2004
The CP DM 10 (10 amp) and CP DM 20 (20 amp) Diode Modules are designed to enhance the vendor’s ConnectPower series of power supplies by enabling parallel connectivity of two or more power supplies for power redundancy purposes or as a way to deliver increased power to the load.

For the power redundancy application—commonly used in process control industries—users can parallel two power supplies even though only one could meet the power needs of the control panel. If a power supply fails, the second stand-by power supply takes over. For the second application—typically used in heavy manufacturing automation—parallel connectivity of two power supplies enables users to deliver power required by a load beyond what a single power supply can deliver. List price of the CP DM 10 10A Diode Module is $90, while the CP DM 20 20A Diode Module is list priced at $140.