High-Speed Inspection

Dec. 1, 2004
The F270 Vision System integrates into a single unit two CPUs with up to four high-speed cameras, two independent triggers and dual real-time position compensation ASICs to capture images in 8-16ms in either field or frame mode.

Optimum inspection speed for the F270 is 5,000 parts per minute. The multiple cameras allow inspection of targets from multiple views or at different stages of processing. The dual CPUs allow the F270 to inspect two targets simultaneously with no reduction of production speed, the vendor says. The F270 system is well suited for use on high-speed processing lines such as canning and other packaging operations where quality and output rate are equally important. The F270 Vision System is available from stock. The cost of the controller is $14,000. High performance F270 cameras are priced at $1,200.