Detect Presence or Absence

Dec. 1, 2004
As the first in a new family of vision sensors, the Checker 101 is designed as a simple-to-use and inexpensive sensor that can visually detect the presence of items during the manufacturing process.

“Unlike multi-purpose vision systems that can be programmed to perform a wide variety of tasks, each model in the Checker family will do only one thing, but it will do it extraordinarily fast and well,” says Robert J. Shillman, chief executive officer and chairman at the vendor. The Checker 101 can replace the systems of multiple photoelectric sensors or the human inspections often used today to check for presence or absence of multiple items, such as caps and labels on bottles or all of the lugs on truck wheels. The Checker provides illumination, optics, sensor, processor, memory and I/O fully integrated in a single industrial-grade package about the size of a cell phone. It can analyze more than 400 images per second. A patent-pending technology enables the unit to automatically detect when a product is ready to be inspected, so that an external trigger is not required, even for products in continuous motion at high speed.